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Minnesota Duck & Goose Hunting Migration Report

Reaction Waterfowl Migration Report

Mid Season Migraton Reports

It has been a great waterfowl season so far Fall 2021. With half the season in the books already though the remainder of season Is really up in the air (no pun intended).

We have seen a few smaller pushes of ducks and geese to date. With the last full moon majority of those birds have moved on. The weather also changed after the full moon. We experienced clear, high pressure weather systems that threw the birds off their predictable feeds and flights quickly cease to exist just like that. This is a pivotal point in the season and when it’s been this mild in the beginning of November in years past, usually one of two things happens.

The weather can go from mild to extreme rapidly. Creating a migration tsunami that is hot and heavy but when it’s over, it’s over. Most if not all the ducks will clear out. The geese will trickle through more but will be more spotty.

The other possibility is we get a more gradual temperature decline. This is generally the preferred option for all waterfowlers shooting for a more consistent and longer season.

No matter what happens there is still a lot of good hunting to enjoy before that dreaded last day of the 2021 waterfowl season here in Minnesota.

Good luck to all the deer hunters. Remember to keep us in mind whenever you’re looking to book a guided duck and/or goose hunt. Also don’t forget if you want to travel for a hunt or extend your waterfowl season longer ask us about our hunts offered in South Dakota and Nebraska!



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