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Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Migration Update 2022

Another beautiful day in Nebraska. Interesting “Spring” we are having with the colder temps continuing to be stubborn. We have had a trickle of geese the last few weeks until it almost came to a complete stop mid week. Odd for this time of year but with the weather since the beginning of snow goose season starting in Arkansas, it’s been a cold season so far. Sunday was ideal conditions and it took most the day but by mid afternoon it appeared the floodgates were open and the geese started pushing. Sitting in the pit the first two hours of Monday morning, the geese have been pushing the entire time.

Looking ahead at the weather forecast it is GO time here in Nebraska. In the last 48 hours I have seen more puddle ducks, dark geese & snows than I have the entire spring season.

Our fully accommodating pit blind is unmatched and gives our clients the best chance at harvesting snows in the most comfortable way possible!

My prediction is the next 12-15 days in Nebraska is going to be the peak migration and would be the best time to book a hunt or chase them freelance.

Book your Nebraska or South Dakota Spring snow goose hunt today! Also feel free to contact us about a Fall/Winter Hunt in Minnesota or Nebraska!!

Jordan D Keil


Hunter Pfarr



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